The /NOW Page Movement Derek Sivers started way back 2015, and here I am joining 6 years after.

Basically, I will put updates from what had happened the previous month and recent days leading to this post. Okay, here goes nothing…

  • Date Updated: 01 November 2021
  • Location: Philippines
  • Background by: Xavi Cabrera
  • Thank you for the inspiration, Derek.


Nearing towards the end of the year, and Philippines is starting to get back to what “normal” we should be returning to: traffic.

Also, gained some weight (less walking, more Grab-ing. more coffee than water), so I am switching to drinking tea to see if it will help. Change in lifestyle to be more mobile is also in consideration.


Starting to feel the pressure to complete all projects this Q4. When you don’t have full control of everything that goes into the project, it adds stress to finish everything as scheduled. Again, damn this virus!


  • YOUTUBE: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: A weekly staple. I really love how this show deliver their weekly topic with just the right amount of humor.
  • YOUTUBE: Whose Line is it Anyway? Clips: Reviving my love for this show, especially the old episodes Drew Carey hosted.
  • YOUTUBE: Buzzfeed Unsolved: Only found out about this by accident. And I am binge watching old episodes as much as I can.


  • ArkiTalks Podcast: one avenue where I get to hear friends talk and reminisce the past and know what they’re up to.
  • OnlyFun with Chico and Gino: Kikay-barkada forever.
  • Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend: ever so entertaining! Still hoping my entry to the Needs a Fan segment gets chosen so I can talk to the gang!
  • 80’s-00’s songs: I really need to add new songs in my playlist.


Might have time to relax and play a video game around December. A lot of things I need to prioritize.


Lego pledges to remove ‘gender bias’ from its products