The /NOW Page Movement Derek Sivers started way back 2015, and here I am joining 6 years after.

Basically, I will put updates from what had happened the previous month and recent days leading to this post. Okay, here goes nothing…

Life, In General

A year or so into the pandemic, now balancing the idea of living life back to normal (thank God for the vaccine!) or keep wearing masks until 2022.

I am also a month into my new company and role, still adjusting, learning but having fun at the same time!

Learning Something New

  • Lumion: work-related, since it is the available rendering software at work.
  • V-Ray (re-learning): backup software to use, if I need to.
  • Cargo/Logistics Operation: work-related.

Watching What Now?

  • Community: well into Season 02. I used to watch a lot of other show back then, so I only had time to catch up.
  • Lucifer: Oh my me!
  • F • R • I • E • N • D • S: The Reunion: I laughed. I cried. Laughed crying. Nostalgia.
  • Conan on Youtube: sad to see this iteration of the show will come to an end, but I am looking forward to what he will do next.
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on Youtube: where the topic and humor are smart and relevant while John Oliver’s self-deprecating comedy is Conan-level.
  • Variant Comics: TMNT The Last Ronin Series on Youtube: never knew TMNT was this dark in comics!
  • Random Design & Architecture Videos on Youtube
  • Documentaries
  • Random Dog Videos

Some Disturbing News

World’s Largest Iceberg Breaks Off of Antarctica

Spotify: The “NEW” Radio

  • Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend: Hope I can be friends with Conan and hang out with him in his podcast.
  • Smartless: love the hosts (Arnett, Bateman, Hayes), the guests (well some of them) and the format of the show!
  • ArkiTalks: supporting my friends, and guesting from time-to-time.

So, You Got Game?

  • The Division: got it during 2020 Lockdown and got stuck on Level 17 since.
  • NBA2K21: Just because I got it for free! Thanks, Epic Games
  • Splinter Cell Conviction: got the entire Splinter Cell Collection on sale! Thanks, UPlay.

Last Update: 06 June 2021.

Thank you for the inspiration, Derek.