Updated: 02.26.2023

On Work and Life?

Work has picked up slowly, but still not as busy as before. Still within the yearly trend of projects re/starting slow during Q1. So, I pace myself with all the things I have on-hand.

Celebrated two birthdays (mom and brother) in a different way this time: celebrating their birthdays with our respective partner’s families in one room is a great treat for mom!

First time I went outside and worked elsewhere to have a change in environment, I will still need to look for other venues I can consider my “office” and push myself to go outside like how life was before the pandemic.

Gaming Much?

Finished playing Star Wars: Fallen Order and Red Dead Redemption 2 but will attempt to go through it a second time because I want to finish the side quests and others as Arthur Morgan.

Still looking forward to the new Season of The Division 2! Hope to get back into it!

Listening to?

Still sticking to the same podcasts that keeps me entertained weekly, memorable podcast/episode:

Other staples:

ArkiTalks. Jordan Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy, OnlyFun

Viewing List

  • Smosh: Still one of the best YT channels out there
  • Linus Tech Tips: Just because I cannot afford what they are tinkering.
  • CoffeeZilla: Binge watching (when I can) his old videos. The effort it takes for him and his team to investigate and expose these scams is truly remarkable.
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever: A great closure to Chadwick Boseman era, and stepping into Letitia Wright era now. Hope MCU can go as far as the OG Avengers did.
  • Last Week Tonight: Finally, new season!
  • Anything related to RDR2: Really hooked to this game!
  • The Last of Us: Watched the first episode and it was good! I think I need to wait for all episodes to come out so I can binge watch the entire season.