Updated: 03.26.2023

I am 40?!!

40… 40?! 40!!!

Can’t believe I am that “young”. I do not feel like it, but my body does. Haha!

Closing in to start our condo’s fit-out! Can’t wait to live there and start a new chapter in our lives living in our own home and enjoy the amenities the building provides. Especially the gym, since I really gained so much weight!

Work-wise, it’s been steady that it keeps my team busy. Just hope Q2 will pick up like it always has.

Dear Tacitus Kilgore…

Just digging myself into the lore of Red Dead Redemption 2, since I already finished the game before. A lot of things I discover and learn while I play more. Keeps me sane outside the real world.

Listening to?

Still sticking to the same podcasts that keeps me entertained weekly, memorable podcast/episode:

Other staples:

ArkiTalks. Jordan Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy, OnlyFun

Viewing List

  • Smosh: Still one of the best YT channels out there
  • Cash Jordan: A real-estate agent in NY showing some of his (or his friends’) apartment listing. The closest thing I can of living in NY.
  • Linus Tech Tips: Just because I cannot afford what they are tinkering.
  • Last Week Tonight: need I say more?
  • Superman & Lois: New season! New Jonathan. The main villain, Onomatopoeia, looks like the US version of Obito Uchiha in his masked “Madara” version.