Updated: 04.25.2023

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Summer time is here and the weather is a bit hotter than I anticipated, especially as early as April from what I remember last year.

Slowly inching towards the start of our condo fit-out. Contractor is in, design up for review/approval. Biggest expense as an adult but towards a future investment, totally stressful but worth it.

Still, busy with whatever work I get is still a blessing and the plan to pitch growing my team is in the works. Fingers crossed!

Aside from work and the heat, it is the Lenten month and we had a long weekend to pause and reflect on the past year and also remember what our religion taught us about God.

Listening to?

Still sticking to the same podcasts that keeps me entertained weekly, memorable podcast/episode:

Other staples:

ArkiTalks. Jordan Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy, OnlyFun


Since I played (but never finished) Ghost Recon: Wildlands during the pandemic, I thought I’d jump in to playing GR: Breakpoint, where I find it more enjoyable than its predecessor. Maybe I will go back to Wildlands after this. RDR2 has taken a backseat for now since for some reason I get errors when I finish the mission, so I kept repeating it. Which sucks.

Viewing List

  • Arch and ID-related Channels: DamiLee, Daniel Titchener, The Local Project, 30×40, Stacked Homes, Reynard Lowell, Never Too Small
  • The Mandalorian: This is the way.
  • Smosh: Still one of the best YT channels out there
  • Linus Tech Tips: Just because I cannot afford what they are tinkering.
  • Last Week Tonight: need I say more?
  • Superman & Lois: I was never a big fan of the comics, but for them to trigger a shocking revelation early in the season is awesome!
  • Who’s Line is it Anyway?: Going back to one of my favorite shows, glad YT exists and I get to watch clips!