Updated: 05.27.2023

2nd Times a Charm?

I entered May COVID positive, the 2nd time. I need to rest a day or two and after that everything is back to normal.

Sleep: A Concept

As I roll into the projects, I found myself lacking sleep for most of this month because of the workload. I make sure to dedicate a day a week to recuperate and freshen up but even that does not really make me less tired.

But I will get what I can.

Listening to?

Still sticking to the same podcasts that keeps me entertained weekly, memorable podcast/episode:

Gone Offline

After completing the latest The Division 2 storyline, I went offline and have not touched my personal laptop since because my desk has become 100% for work. Today, I brought it out to take a break.

BRB: On A Mission…

Almost There…

Our condo fit-out is on its 3rd week as of this writing, and we are getting there. Can’t wait to start living there!

Viewing List

  • Arch and ID-related Channels: DamiLee, Daniel Titchener, The Local Project, 30×40, Stacked Homes, Reynard Lowell, Never Too Small
  • From: This weird show is a slow burn, but quite interesting for me.
  • Smosh: Still one of the best YT channels out there
  • Linus Tech Tips: Just because I cannot afford what they are tinkering.
  • Superman & Lois: I was never a big fan of the comics, but for them to trigger a shocking revelation early in the season is awesome!
  • Barry: Almost at the end… and I am still not prepared.
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania: Thank you for streaming, I can watch movies whenever I can (once it is available).