Updated: 08.28.2023

Work-Life Balance, Sort of…

A month since we moved in! Generally, okay. But there are still some things that needs to be fixed. Minor stuff…

Weather’s been crazy, almost 2 weeks of mid-extreme rain to 2 weeks of extreme heat… F*ck global warming.

Work has been steady, which is still kind of weird given that I’ve been way busy the past months. Learning to get back into that work-life balance everyone keeps raving about.

Listening to?

Not really listening to podcasts lately since I am mostly on Lo-Fi music or my playlist:

Gaming is of the Past…

I’ve gone almost a month not touching my personal laptop since moving in. Not having a dedicated work/gaming desk and settling in the dining table to work makes me not want to get it out of the closet because I need to keep it afterwards.

Now, I am settled watching TV most of my free time. LOL.

And also capturing stunning views from our balcony.

Viewing List

  • Arch and ID-related Channels: DamiLee, Daniel Titchener, The Local Project, 30×40, Stacked Homes, Reynard Lowell, Never Too Small
  • Smosh: Staple. Feel good channel.
  • 3dbotmaker: Who knew someone can create a racing league our of Hot Wheels?? I am hooked!
  • Ahsoka: Hope the series will be good!
  • Atozy on YT: the stories he is covering are disturbing for society but hilarious at the same time.
  • Other channels in YT: mostly random videos showing in my feed.

I know that LTT is going through stuff, but people demanding a lot of transparency from a company is something I don’t feel good about.