Updated: 09.27.2023

-Ber Months…

-ber months has started. And living in the Philippines it means the start of Christmas. LOL!

You can see malls starting to sell Christmas decorations and stuff. In the coming months you will hear them playing Christmas songs already!

Listening to?

Not really listening to podcasts lately since I am mostly on Lo-Fi music or my playlist:

Space Exploration

Currently playing Starfield when I can and so far it’s just okay? I am into RPG-style games but this is average for me in some ways.

The ship building mode is what I think is the strong part of the game though.

Also, sad that in this game, Earth is… ugh.

Viewing List

  • Arch and ID-related Channels: DamiLee, Daniel Titchener, The Local Project, 30×40, Stacked Homes, Reynard Lowell, Never Too Small
  • Smosh: Staple. Feel good channel.
  • Ahsoka: Hope the series will be good!
  • Other channels in YT: mostly random videos showing in my feed.