Updated: 11.03.2023


So, we are again in the midst of deadlines before the year ends. It is quite challenging but I know we can finish it (barely) on time! Haha.

Haven’t touched my personal laptop because of this, so I am late posting this for the first time.

RIP Matthew Perry

Listening to?

Not really listening to podcasts lately since I am mostly on Lo-Fi music or my playlist:

Ship Building…

Just barely played anything except Starfield this month because of work.

Was able to finish it even if I only played an hour or two, and continued to NG+ for the ship building alone. Haha!

Viewing List

  • Arch and ID-related Channels: DamiLee, Daniel Titchener, The Local Project, 30×40, Stacked Homes, Reynard Lowell, Never Too Small
  • Smosh: Staple. Feel good channel.
  • </scorpoin>: Only because my fianc√© is watching it.
  • Nerdy Prudes Must Die: second time I watched a musical on YT. What a show!